bird cage plate




Various Interesting plate Artwork

  1. bird cage plate
    Photo fromallerleirau
    I found this gorgeous plate on ebay.

    The design is by Raymond Loewy.
    It’s for Rosenthal Continental China,
    "Bird Cage" design




  3. CARIBE CHINA red floral patterned dinner plate – Vintage RESTAURANT WARE china
    Photo fromEraPhernalia Vintage . . . [”playin’ hook-y”] ;o
    Lovely highly vitrified vintage white and red floral restaurant ware 9" dinner plate made by CARIBE CHINA.







  6. Vintage Disney Mary Poppins Plate by Sun Valley Melmac
    Photo fromGranniesKitchen
    This is a vintage Disney Mary Poppins melmac plate made by Sun Valley. This plate is part of a set that was released as part of the original movie merchandise that accompanied the release of the film in theatres.




  8. plate
    Photo from**tWo pInK pOSsuMs**
    sweet plate from the op shop made in Australia




  10. Bicentennial Plate Washington July 4th 1776 1976 – Fell Destroyed ;-((
    Photo fromWhiskeygonebad
    Plate of General George Washington crossing the Delaware River. Commemorative Bicentennial Plate. I was almost 17 on July 4th 1976. What a celebration of Tall Ships in our NYC harbor! I will remember it for the rest of my life. The build-up to the event did not disappoint!
    Minolta D500 mixed lighting. Flash subdued with a little square of a napkin spit-attached to the flash and perhaps 80% illumination is incandescent from overhead 100w bulb in kitchen. That GOLD band was a bitch. I took over 25 pictures and had to shoot at an angle to kill the specular reflection with minimal flash power output. Photo with no flash was too warm, I had to use it. – Fell Destroyed May 2011 ;-((




  12. Holly Hobbie Plate #16
    Porcelain decorative 10¼ plate, Classic Editions series, 1973. Holly Hobbie design. In my collection.




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